sweet potatoThe vegetable that we call a yam is also known as a sweet potato and takes about 50 minutes to bake, depending on the oven temperature and the size of the tuber. You’ll know your yams are finished cooking when you can poke a fork into the center and it releases easily. Cut them open and you’ll find soft, sweet flesh that’s delicious with a bit of butter, just like a regular baked potato.

If you happen to have gotten your hands on a true yam, the African kind that’s white in the center instead of orange, you’ll want to peel it and cut it into chunks before baking it at 350 degrees for at least 30 minutes, until the pieces are tender.

Many people enjoy sweet potato casserole, a yam-based dish topped with marshmallows and pecans. Try this delicious homemade sweet potato casserole recipe.

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